Parish Council Policies and Procedures

This section deals with the adherence to Training, the Model Publishing Scheme, Bullying in the Workplace and Standing Orders. Each specific section comes in the format of a PDF document that can either be downloaded and read on your PC or printed off in the usual way.

Review of Policies and Procedures:-

Annual review dates for specific policies

Policy or Procedure Frequency of Review Date of next Review
Asset Register Annually Next Review – February 2021
Code of Conduct Annually Next Review – October 2021
Financial Regulations Annually Next Review – February 2021
Standing Orders Annually Next Review – October 2021
Risk Assessment Annually Next Review – March 2021
All other policies and procedures All other policies and procedures are reviewed under advice from NALC or as new legislation comes into existence.

List of Policy Procedures:-

and links to corresponding policy documentation

Article View/Download (PDF format)
Allotment Privacy Statement
Asset Register
Brickhill Allotment Gardeners’ Handbook
Brickhill Parish Council Allotments Strategy
Code of Conduct (Adopted July 2012 – Revised 2020)
Complaints Policy
Contact Privacy Notice
Data Protection
Dignity at Work – Bullying & Harassment
Disciplinary Policy
Document Retention Policy
Equal Opportunities
Financial Regulations
Freedom of Information
Grievance Policy
Health and Safety at Work
LGPS Discretionary Statement
Lone Worker Policy
Model Publication Scheme
Noticeboard Policy
Planning Committee – Draft Term of Reference
Risk Assessment 2020-21
Safeguarding Children
Social Media & Electronic Communications Policy
Standing Orders
Statement of intent as to Community Engagement
Statement of Intent – Training
Treasury Management Policy