Allotment and Open Spaces Committee Members

Established in 2012, the committee has several meetings per year which are open to the public. Member details can be viewed below.

Parish Councillor Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark Fitzpatrick

Chairman & Parish Councillor for Brickhill East Ward

phone symbol (01234) 357 259

map marker20 Nursery Gardens, Brickhill, Bedford, MK41 8DU

Mark has been a councillor on Brickhill Parish Council since it was set-up in May 2004, serving as Chair throughout this period. He had been a member of Brickhill Urban Community Council for a short period leading up to the setting up of Brickhill Parish. He has also been a Borough Councillor representing the Mallard Hill/Brickhill Drive area for eight years, while that area was in De Parys ward.

Mark has lived in Bedford for more than 30 years and works as an IT project manager. His personal interests include conservation, renewable energy and tackling fuel poverty. He served as a school governor for more than 20 years, most recently on Beauchamp Middle School’s governing body.

Parish Councillor Michael Jarman-Webb

Michael Jarman-Webb

Parish Councillor for Brickhill, Woodlands Park Ward

phone symbol (07343) 624 556

map markerc/o Brickhill Parish Council, St Mark’s Church & Community Centre, Calder Rise, Brickhill, MK41 7UY

Michael was born in Bedford and has lived, schooled and worked here ever since. He has always been involved and active in community issues and causes and that continued when he moved to Woodlands Park in 2010, where he was a founding member of the Woodlands Park Residents Association. It’s his belief that parish councils should be free of party politics, and so serves as an independent councillor, having won a February 2018 by-election.

He is a single parent who has an interest in special needs education, electric cars, environmental issues and animal welfare.

Parish Councillor Vincent Holloway

Vincent Holloway

Parish Councillor for Brickhill North Ward

phone symbol (07512) 008 386

map marker6 Petteril Walk, Brickhill, Bedford, MK41 7XJ

Vince has lived in Brickhill since 1978 and attended the local schools. Since leaving school he has worked for Royal Mail and has been a member of the Army Reserve.

Vince has been active in local politics for a number of years supporting the Liberal Democrats, finally joining the Liberal Democratic Party as a member in 2014.

He is also actively involved with St Mark’s Church, in various roles and a member of our Allotments and Open Spaces Committee