Local Reports

Brickhill has four Borough Councillors looking out for the community.

Brickhill South – comprising Brickhill Drive (to the Park),  Mallard Hill, Rooksmead, Robin Hill, Goldcrest Way and Eagle Gardens – is covered by Henry Vann and David Sawyer.

The remainder of Brickhill (which includes Woodlands Park) is covered by Charles Royden and Wendy Rider.

The Borough Councillors take an extremely active role in the community and often produce reports to keep people informed about everything that is going on and how it may affect you.

You can find out further details about your local Borough Councillors here;- Brickhill Parish Borough Councillors

Charles Royden And Wendy Rider,

Brickhill Borough Councillors

Henry Vann and David Sawyer,

Brickhill South Borough Councillors

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