Homeless Report.

We attended Avon Drive shops following reports of a homeless person at Christmas. There is currently no need for anybody to be homeless in Bedford as beds are provided in the Mercure Hotel.

It does not help if kind people give to people who beg on the street, money given this way is often used to buy alcohol and drugs. Worse still, in many cases this leads to the exploitation of victims by malicious people.

Making a donation to a local charity such as JustUs.org.uk is a much better way to ensure that you are making a positive contribution.

If you find a person sleeping rough…

If you are aware of someone sleeping rough we urge you to use StreetLink

This is a website, app and telephone service which people can take positive action when they see someone sleeping rough by sending an alert that connects that person to local services for support.

Contact Tabitha Resta, Rough Sleeper Coordinator at tabitha.resta@bedford.gov.uk for direct queries.

To find out more about services available to help and support rough sleepers in Bedford or to find out how to make a donation visit the Bedford Homeless Partnership website.