The following Public Notice has been received from Bedford Borough Council. You can download a PDF version of this and the map at the end.



Reason for Proposal:

Bedford Borough Council proposes to formalise some double yellow lines in Hawk Drive, Bedford, in response to inconsiderate parking. The section of Hawk Drive affected is narrow, so any parking there would affect access, especially for larger vehicles such as refuse lorries and fire engines. Hence, these restrictions are intended to maintain access.

Effect of the Order:
1. To introduce ‘No waiting at any time’ restrictions (double yellow lines) on the following length of road:

Hawk Drive, Bedford
On both sides of the road, from a point approx. 159 metres north of the centre of Nightingale Avenue for a distance of approx. 293 metres in a generally north-westerly direction.

Relevant proposal documents are currently only available for viewing on the council’s website at due to COVID-19 restrictions. The documents will be placed on deposit until 6 weeks after the Order is made or until it is decided not to continue with the proposal. For further information, please contact Jason Holdsworth at Bedford Borough Council on 01234 276691.

Comments supporting or objecting to the proposal should be put in an email, stating the grounds on which they are made, and sent no later than 27th March 2022 to

Order Title if made will be:

Bedford Borough Council (Bedford Urban Area (North of the River Excluding Queens Park and CPZ Areas)) (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Parking Places) Order 2009 (Amendment No.**) Order 20**.

Dated: 3rd March 2022
Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street Craig Austin
Bedford, MK42 9AP Director of Environment

To download a copy of this notice, please click on the following link:-
Download Hawk Drive Yellow Lines Notice March 2022
To download a copy of the plan/map, click on the following link:-
Download Plan for Hawk Drive showing position of proposed yellow lines