Oxford Cambridge Railway

east west rail new route

In 2019, East West Rail consulted on possible routes for the Oxford to Cambridge railway and the government has just announced more funding for this project to go ahead.

Bedford Borough Council has always advocated that the railway goes through Bedford Midland station and this has been the agreed position of all political parties based on the economic advantages it will bring to Bedford.

Following the consultation a corridor has been produced by East West Rail through which the route will go from Bedford to St Neots (click to enlarge):-

Route for new railway

Full details can be found on their website here:- New East West Rail Bedford to Cambridge Line. Unlike the other sections on the route this part will be completely new. The line will go north out of Bedford station and turn east before Clapham towards St Neots. In the further consultation which will take place we will be advocating a route which takes the railway north of Ravensden towards Twinwoods which would ensure less impact on Brickhill and northern villages.