Brickhill Parish Council, Bedford

Begging and Help for the Homeless

News - 21st June 2017

This is a very difficult subject. On the one hand there are those that require support, on the other people are witnessing professional 'begging gangs' exploiting people in the Community, especially the young and vulnerable. Recently this culminated in an attack on a lady after she had used the cash dispenser machine at the Tesco Express Store in Brickhill Drive. The practice is certainly not confined to this parish or region (eg Metro Article) but, nonetheless, must be addressed.

There is an extensive support network across Bedford for those genuinely in need - both from local Charities (and their amazing volunteers) and Bedford Borough Council. There is ample food, shelter and support for those looking to turn their fortunes around (see the Homeless handout leaflet for details). The basic advice therefore is not to give people begging cash - they need to seek support instead. The criminal gangs on the other hand will not hang around long if people stop paying them. (update 24/6/17 - also refer to page 4 in our Latest Newsletter, Issue 50)

The Police are no doubt keeping an eye on the situation but that doesn't stop us as a community coming together and supporting each other.