Proposal to Introduce a 20MPH Speed Limit

on various roads in the Parish of Brickhill

Brickhill 20mph

News - 15th November 2017.

BEDFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL PROPOSES TO INTRODUCE A 20MPH SPEED LIMIT ON VARIOUS ROADS WITHIN THE PARISH OF BRICKHILL, BEDFORD as part of the Borough Wide initiative to introduce lower speed limits in and around residential areas, and followinga request from the local Ward Councillors. The proposed Order is considered necessary on the grounds of promoting road safety by reducing the speed of vehicles in built up residential areas.

Dated the 9th November, the Order intends to introduce a 20mph speed limit on the following lengths of road:-

Bedford Borough Council - Proposed New 20mph Zones
Roads A - K Roads L - Z
Dove Road Larkway
Falcon Avenue (east of Waveney Avenue) Martin Close
Francis Grove Close Merlin Gardens
Fulmer Road Pipit Rise
Kingfisher Close The Buntings

To view the Proposal please click here:- Proposal To Introduce additional 20mph Zones in Brickhill

To view the areas affected on a map just click on the map image above.