Brickhill Parish Council, Bedford

The Brickhill Sustainable Community Plan 2011-2016

Bedford Borough Partnership and Brickhill Parish Council, supported by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity have been working with volunteer representatives of the community in Brickhill to put together a Community Plan.

brickhillBrickhill was selected as a pilot for the new Sustainable Community Plan approach in Bedford borough that used the Borough wide Sustainable Community Strategy as a template for producing a local level plan in a format that is both useful to the community and which can easily feed up into borough wide strategies.

This contains a series of actions to address the priorities identified by you, the residents of Brickhill, through a number of community events and a detailed questionnaire to all households.

This Plan will be delivered by various agencies, but we will also need your help as local residents. Please use this website to Contact Us or phone 01234 271708 to find out how you can get involved in making Brickhill an even better place to live.

This webpage is a brief summary of the Plan. Both the Summary and Full version can be downloaded in PDF Format using the links at the end of this article.

Thank you to all residents who took part in one of our consultation events or completed the questionnaire.

A Greener Brickhill - Environment and Climate Change

brickhill One of your highest priorities was to keep Brickhill as a green, quiet area. You wanted to maintain and improve the street scene and natural environment, and remove unsightly overhead pylons.

Our aims are to:-

An Aspiring Brickhill - Children and Young People

brickhill aspiresYoung people and their parents would welcome more activities and facilities being available in Brickhill, or more accessible through transport.

Already since starting this plan there is work being undertaken by a number of agencies including BPHA, local schools, the Youth Service and Brickhill Baptist Church to support and work with young people in the area.

Our aim is to:

A Healthy Brickhill - Adult Health and Well-Being

healthy brickhillWhile people in Brickhill generally enjoy good health, many people experience difficulties in accessing health services, particularly when they do not have their own transport. Some people expressed an interest in receiving occasional help from neighbours in order to continue living independently at home.

Our aims are to:

A Safer Brickhill - Safer Communities

safety in brickhillPeople generally feel safe in Brickhill, although there is a wish for a more regular, visible Police presence. While crime rates for Brickhill remain below the Borough average, concerns were highlighted about anti-social behaviour, burglary, vandalism and vehicle crime. In terms of road safety, speeding, dangerous parking, potholes and road conditions were highlighted as problems.

Our aims are to:-

A Thriving Brickhill - Economic Development, Regeneration and Enterprise

thriving brickhillRelatively few jobs are provided in Brickhill, so the vast majority of working residents commute outside the parish. Increasing the provision of shops and other services locally would help to provide more local employment and reduce reliance on transport.

Our aims are to:-

An Inclusive Brickhill - Social Inclusion, Community Cohesion and Culture

inclusive brickhillBrickhill is already quite a vibrant community, and there is clearly demand for more community activities as well as more information about what is available. Less than a third of you felt that you could influence decisions made about your local area.

Our aims are to:-

Download the printed version of the above summary
Download the full Brickhill Community Plan 2011-2016