Brickhill, Bedford

Brickhill Community Safety Forum

The objectives of the Brickhill Community Safety Forum are:-

  1. To promote community safety within Brickhill.
  2. To improve the conditions of life of all people living and working within Brickhill; working with or through other agencies when and where appropriate

The Forum holds four public meetings per year. Those present will receive a report, be able to contribute and have the opportunity to raise issues with local organisations including:-

Those attending will also have the opportunity to vote for their top three priorities for reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. The result will then be taken forward as a priority by the organisation(s) responsible and they in turn will provide feedback and progress reports at the next meeting.

Meetings, Agenda and Minutes

The following links contain additional information that may interest you:-

Please note that there is no set pattern for Meeting dates which are effectively determined by hall availability.